Suspended Accounts

Legal Policy & Agreements

Suspended Account Information - Not A Registered User (NARU)

  • An account is typically suspended from ServerHub® for serious violations of rules and policies.
  • An account may also be placed on hold for non-payment of fees.
  • Please review your account status and make a payment to remove a hold.
1. What to do if ServerHub® has suspended your account

When your account was suspended, ServerHub® sent a notification to your registered email address. Please review your email account to locate the notice.

  • If you received an error notice while trying to update a credit card, register an account or did not receive a suspension notice, please contact us
  • If your registered email address is no longer valid and your account is blocked, please contact us and be sure to include your new email address as well as the User ID of the blocked account.
  • If your account has been used without your authorization, please contact us
  • In order to maintain a safe environment, active subscription limits are occasionally placed on accounts. If you have had a limit placed on your account, please contact us
2. Appealing your suspension

If you would like to appeal your suspension, please include any relevant information and reply directly to your suspension notice or contact us