Unsolicited Bulk Email Communications (SPAM) Policy

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Unsolicited Bulk Email Communications (SPAM) Policy

Unsolicited Email SPAM is defined as electronic mail that is unrequested by the recipient and is of an advertising or promotional nature.

"E-mail spam, known as unsolicited bulk Email (UBE), junk mail, or unsolicited commercial email (UCE), is the practice of sending unwanted e-mail messages, frequently with commercial content, in large quantities to an indiscriminate set of recipients. Spam in e-mail started to become a problem when the Internet was opened up to the general public in the mid-1990s. It grew exponentially over the following years, and today composes some 80 to 85% of all the email in the world, by a conservative estimate" - Wikipedia

ServerHub does not tolerate behavior that is related to UBE or UCE activity on our network. In addition all Email that is transmitted through our network must be CAN-SPAM Act compliant.

In most cases, if we are unable to verify a new dedicated server registration, we will take steps to block Port 25 and any other mail port until the user has either:
a) Verified themselves or b) has been registered with us for 90 days without incident

For more information regarding Federal Policy of the United States of America regarding CAN-SPAM ACT as well as our policies surrounding the act please visit this link.

Violations of this policy may result in a range of actions, including:
  • Limits on Account Privileges
  • Loss or Limitation of IP Address Resources
  • Restriction of Assigned IP Address Resources for a predetermined period of time.
  • Restrictions of Port 25 on Assigned Resources
  • Account Restriction
  • Account Suspension
  • Assessment of Additional Fees & Surcharges
  • Loss of Preferred Member Status
  • Referral to Law Enforcement
  • Account Termination

If you have additional questions regarding this policy or wish to report this type of activity with included headers to us please feel free to contact us.

NOTE: We take every report seriously. If you submit a complaint please