Excessive Resource Usage

Legal Policy & Agreements

Excessive Resource Usage

As a subscribed user, you may enjoy using our services within acceptable daily operation limits of our network and appliances (servers, etc).

In some instances where the overall health of our network or the server you are subscribed to exceeds acceptable resource limits through bandwidth or CPU, Memory resources etc. We may take appropriate action to safe guard your data as well as our property

If your server at anytime engages in this activity, your account is in violation of this policy.

Violations of this policy may result in a range of actions, including:
  • Limits on Account Privileges
  • Account Restriction
  • Account Suspension
  • Assessment of Additional Fees & Surcharges
  • Loss of Preferred Member Status
  • Referral to Law Enforcement
  • Account Termination

If you have additional questions regarding this policy or wish to report this type of activity to us please feel free to contact us.