How to Install Apache on Ubuntu? The Comprehensive Guide

According to the Apache software foundation that was established in 1999 based on individual donations and corporate sponsors, Apache is open-source software that runs on 67% of the world’s web servers.

Able to meet the needs of many with reliable security and incredible speed, Apache became the most extensively used web server around the world.

Additionally, Apache is used by the majority of ...

MySQL: the most popular open-source database

No matter how big or small your organization might be, it still needs that data collection in a database, to ensure smooth access, retrieval, and business data management.

Let's have a closer look at the history & origins for the most popular open-source database system worldwide, MySQL.

Benefits & Use Cases of Cloud Object Storage

Object Storage is unique method of data management used mostly for Big Data. It is one of the most heavily relied on methods of storage in the Cloud Virtual Private Server (VPS) sector. Cloud Object Storage is mostly used by start-ups and corporations aiming to scale their businesses through time or by huge conglomerates with […]

What are the Types of Operating Systems (OS)?

In this article, we will go through the different types of Operating Systems (OS). As you all know, an Operating System (OS) is a software that manages a computer’s memory, hardware, software, processes and functions as an interface that can be used to access and use other software on the computer’s system. Therefore, the operating system serves […]

What is an Operating System (OS): Definition & Functionality

Every managerial program has a task to run. A calculator allows you to use your computer’s processing power to perform mathematical equations, a Control Panel allows you to access your computer’s settings as well as make changes, and the Command Prompt allows you to input code to make actions and call data. Like all of […]

File Storage: What is it and How Does it Work?

We all have computers: desktops, laptops, Windows, Mac, and we’ve all gotten used to their Storage Systems. You have a folder for your videogames, a folder for your pictures, a folder for each application or software that you use, and inside each of those folders, you have the files you need to access the data […]

What is Cloud Object Storage & How does it work?

Data is infinite.. sometimes its capacity reaches numbers beyond Terabytes and even Petabytes. In cases such as this when the data is ever-increasing in huge numbers, regular methods of storage start to become very costly and, in prospect, eventually obsolete. This is where Cloud Object Storage comes in. Also commonly known as Object-based Storage, Cloud […]

What is Block Storage (SAN)?

In our day an age, having flexibility and scalability in your Data Storage system is one of the most essential things for a user pursuing to make use of a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Whether it is to build an application or to create a redundant back up system for all your personal data (images, […]

What’s The Difference Between Remote VPN & Site-to-Site VPN?

As we all know, Virtual Private Networks come in two different types: Remote VPN and Site-to-Site VPN. Though they function in completely different manners, those two types, have a lot in common and sometimes even serve the same functions. In this article, we will dissect each of the two VPN types, explaining what they are, […]

What Is Ubuntu Linux And How To Install It

I am because we are. That’s what the ancient African word Ubuntu means. Known to be the world’s most widely used Linux platform, Ubuntu first released in October 2004

In this guide, we’re going to install Ubuntu onto your computer. It’s easy to use, easy to install, and includes everything you need!